Hi, I’m Tash.


About the Show


Thanks for stopping by! What in the world is Nosh with Tash you ask? Well, in a few words, it’s an approachable cooking show for busy people who want to make delicious, impressive food at home, but often feel it’s far too complicated in practice. 

We’ve all been there. You get inspired by a cooking show or buy a cool new cookbook and then go to make a recipe only to find it’s either impossibly hard or way better looking on camera. And why is that? It’s because people on camera and cookbook authors have culinary teams to assist, style and supply them with everything they need to succeed. While in real life, it’s just us.

With this in mind, each episode of Nosh with Tash features a variation of a popular recipe that’s not only supremely delicious but easy to master – using the tools, spices and ingredients that you probably already have or use often. Additionally, every episode is purposely shot in just one take. I ad-lib fixes as needed and rally against the “Instagram-perfect” aesthetic that would require you to place your cilantro with tweezers. I want you to see that if you’re having a good time and cooking, you’ve already won. Feeling inspired? Get cooking!

I really think anyone can become a great cook if they start with the right recipes. Have a recipe or cooking question? Wanna invite me over for dinner? Send me a note!


Becoming a person who likes to cook…

I'm a culinary school drop out + private chef who didn't always love to cook. While studying Shakespearean acting in London, at a time when the US dollar was at an all time low, I wound up spending more time trying to figure out how to save money by making my own simple stews and quick rising breads than memorizing my lines. I quickly discovered that I derived greater pleasure from looking at stacks of walnut speckled brownies and wheels of cheese from Borough Market than I did from taking a final bow at the end of a show.

Upon return to the states, my newfound love for cooking led to me fumbling my way (almost all the way… long story) through a culinary degree from LATTC and a slew of jobs as an assistant teaching cooking classes. In 2014 I decided it was time to experiment with combining my love of performance with my love of cooking and, after a little bit more fumbling, Yahoo agreed to air a cooking show I co-produced, directed and hosted. Ever since, I've been both in front of and behind the camera, taking every opportunity I can to spread my enthusiasm of simple cooking and great food. For more on my professional experience check out my Press Page. Wanna say hello? Please do!